I had planned on getting up at a decent hour today, like 10:00 AM but when I rolled over to look at my phone, it was 2:21 PM. Of course, I silently cursed myself and as a result, I am plan on trying to pull an all-nighter to hopefully reset my fucked up sleep schedule since I return to work on Monday, which in case you were wondering, and if I had not made it perfectly clear, I am dreading.

The bright side is that I have a doctor’s appointment so I will have to leave for a portion of my shift. I imagine my boss’s boss is going to throw a fit but I honestly do not care. I will be moving departments the start of next month so just have 0 fucks to give where it concerns her.

Other than the fact that I slept far longer than I wanted today, it was a chill day which is exactly what I wanted. I’d have liked it if I had a bit more of the day to actually enjoy but no sense crying over something that can be changed now.

I am off to hopefully play a few games … Read More