I Survived Another Year.. I Think?

Another year has come and gone and I survived.. I think? There’s a question mark there because it seems that with each passing year, I manage to somehow end up with a slue of medical issues that have no means to a resolution. Of course all of this started happening as soon as I became a mom and so it’s been rather hard for me to truly enjoy motherhood. This, by the way, is precisely why I wasn’t interested in having kids beyond 25, but of course, as with most things, life fucked me.

I never suspected that we’d end up with all of the issues we faced and while I definitely would not change one bit of it, I can’t help but feel this guilt because I am not truly able to be the mom that my kids deserve and I hate that feeling. It sucks having to tell your kids that mommy cannot go outside to play today because she’s in excruciating pain and getting out of bed was her biggest accomplishment of the day.

I hate it.

I know that my kids understand but they shouldn’t have to at their age. They should be able to … Read More

Back Pain Is No Joke

The last few days have been spent with me hold up in my room, in excruciating pain, thanks to my back. It hasn’t been this bad for some time and of course, it has to happen during my vacation. I hope that tomorrow my back plays nice because I want to spend my last week off getting the craft room cleaned up.

Robby has talked about getting it cleaned up and set up appropriately for months now and that has not happened. I would love to get it organized and cleaned up so that I can actually start using some of the products we have to, I don’t know, sell things? I guess we will see how my back is tomorrow.

There Are No Words

Today’s events were just… if I could properly articulate it, then I probably wouldn’t be sitting here seething. I honestly just do not have the mental capacity right now to even blog about everything that happened today and why I chose this particular image. I’m running on fumes as I didn’t sleep last night so you will all have to wait until tomorrow when I’m in a better mindset to discuss the events of today and what the story is behind my featured image.

Until then, I’m going to call it a night and watch some mindless television in hopes it will distract me from my current emotional state.

I just.. can’t.

In Which I Realize: I Have 3 Weeks Off; What the Fuck Is Life?

This morning or should I say, early this morning, an Ang was tapping away on her keyboard as she slaved to finish a job aid BEFORE the clock struck 3:30 PM the same day. By now, you might be mildly confused as you try to construct a timeline in which this is doable. Oh, I assure you. It’s doable, for slightly deranged, more eccentric personality types, but yeah, definitely, doable.

Here, let me clarify it a bit for you. I started working at precisely 1:30 AM and “finished” working at 5:20 AM, in which I realized that I needed to actually clock out because my shift, at that precise point in time, started in 2-Hours and 10 minutes.

Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect that reaction; here, let me help wipe your mouth off the top of that table. Yes, I do get that a lot. It comes with the territory, you know?

Oh, where was I? I lost track again. Damn, addled brain. Useless, I say, useless! It has its occasional moments but let’s be honest, less often than before, such is life; youth really is wasted on the young. Huh.

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