There Are No Words

Today’s events were just… if I could properly articulate it, then I probably wouldn’t be sitting here seething. I honestly just do not have the mental capacity right now to even blog about everything that happened today and why I chose this particular image. I’m running on fumes as I didn’t sleep last night so you will all have to wait until tomorrow when I’m in a better mindset to discuss the events of today and what the story is behind my featured image.

Until then, I’m going to call it a night and watch some mindless television in hopes it will distract me from my current emotional state.

I just.. can’t.

In Which I Realize: I Have 3 Weeks Off; What the Fuck Is Life?

This morning or should I say, early this morning, an Ang was tapping away on her keyboard as she slaved to finish a job aid BEFORE the clock struck 3:30 PM the same day. By now, you might be mildly confused as you try to construct a timeline in which this is doable. Oh, I assure you. It’s doable, for slightly deranged, more eccentric personality types, but yeah, definitely, doable.

Here, let me clarify it a bit for you. I started working at precisely 1:30 AM and “finished” working at 5:20 AM, in which I realized that I needed to actually clock out because my shift, at that precise point in time, started in 2-Hours and 10 minutes.

Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect that reaction; here, let me help wipe your mouth off the top of that table. Yes, I do get that a lot. It comes with the territory, you know?

Oh, where was I? I lost track again. Damn, addled brain. Useless, I say, useless! It has its occasional moments but let’s be honest, less often than before, such is life; youth really is wasted on the young. Huh.

Speaking of young, my … Read More

Damn Site Transfer

While I was successful in transferring my posts and content, something glitched when I transferred the theme and as a result my header images repeats, even when it’s set not to. It also has a weird background-image size when you look at the source, so I don’t know what’s up.

Nicole is a doll and is willing to take a look since her coding skills surpass mine by thousands of miles. Hopefully, we can figure it out because I really do not want to have to redo the theme all over, lol. I guess we will see.

Tomorrow is my last day before I go on vacation and I can’t wait. It’s clear the mentality I need it so I am hoping it works out.

I’m off to work some while it’s quiet so I can get as much stuff as I need done before I’m off tomorrow.

Falling Slowly

It’s been a really long week, and most of it has been me sleeping in bed. I haven’t really been able to function. My mood has been sitting at crappy with minor improvements today, as Kim and I played a few video games.

I think part of my problem is I get so lost doing all the things that I do not take time for myself. I literally have not played a video game in weeks, and it shows. My depression is at an all-time high, and the only thing I want to do is sleep. Today, I read a bit, and then Kim and I went out to Target to get outfits for the kids’ 5th birthday. I’m not going to lie that took A LOT out of me.

After that, I had to lay down and suggested we watch “The Matrix” since Kim had never seen it. Having her here really helped my mood, and now I plan to sit down tomorrow and plan. I will definitely put some gaming sessions in there, just things I can do that’s only for me. I am not sure how sure how successful I’ll be, but giving it a try doesn’t … Read More