Breaking Up with Google

It seems that no matter what I do, every few years, I end up switching to a different web browser because of issues with the one I am currently using. It’s been a great run with Google, but I found that today, I had to quit it due to some issues, like randomly freezing, usually as I am in the middle of responding to someone on Discord. I thought initially it was my computer, but it’s worked fine without problems until recently.

After talking with Alecia, she let me know that her husband was having similarly weird issues; in his case, it would be a video sputtering, so I decided to switch back to Firefox. Now, I’ve never really had an issue with Firefox; in fact, for a time, it was my preferred browser, but I had similar issues with it and ended up making the switch to Google Chrome. As I stated, I always seem to need to switch browsers after a couple of years, and believe me; it gets old. FAST.

Luckily the process of switching is less time-intensive than it used to be, so all I had to do was export my Chrome bookmarks and … Read More